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رده بندی برترین شرکت های طراحی بین المللی جهان در سال ۲۰۱۵ از نظر ENR ۱۳۹۴/۱۲/۲۴

نام لاتین:Top International Design Firms in The World by ENR in 2015

کد مطلب:IC-002

The impact of the uncertainty in the world market can be seen in the results of ENR’s Top 225 International Design Firms survey. The Top 225 firms generated $70.85 billion in design revenue in 2014 from projects outside their home countries, down 1.1%, from $71.63 billion, in 2013. They also had $73.48 billion in revenue from domestic projects in 2014, up 1.6%, from $72.32 billion, in 2014. The total 2014 design revenue for the group was $144.34 billion, up 0.3%, from $143.95 billion, in 2013.


منبع: Engineering News-Record

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