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Preparation advance welding procedures spesification software in kinds of oil and petrochemical project according to ASTM standard by Access software ۳۰ آبان

نام لاتین:Welding Procedures Spesification in Oil and Petrochemical Projects

کد مطلب:MM-013

The main object in this research is the production of a aoftware to supply advanced welding procedure which are used in oil and gas and petrochemical industries , by means of Access software.this article is consists of three main parts. In the first part ,informational bank of software is supplied which contains name and technical spesifications of carbon steel metals and used electrods of these metals and also information about type of edge-making , and welding steps,the amount of pieces preheating and also arc current ,needed welding voltage and speed with due attention to ASME and ASTM standards.in the second part , we enter the achieved information of first part and needed format is supplied for intelligent information placment via Access software.in the third part ,different type of
welding procedure are supplied via mentioned software ,that the get results are satisfactory and accepted by industrial users.


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