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مشخصات فنی و کاتالوگ Crushers شرکت کوماتسو Komatsu ۱۷ آذر

نام لاتین:Komatsu Crushers

کد مطلب:MN-005

Komatsu Ltd. (株式会社小松製作所 Kabushiki-gaisha Komatsu Seisakusho) or Komatsu (コマツ) (TYO: 6301) is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, and military equipment, as well as industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators. Its headquarters are in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The corporation was named after the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa, where the company was founded in 1921. Worldwide, the Komatsu Group consists of Komatsu Ltd. and 182 other companies (146 consolidated subsidiaries and 35 companies accounted for by the equity method).

Komatsu is the world's second largest manufacturer of construction equipment and mining equipment after Caterpillar. However, in some areas (Japan, China), Komatsu has a larger share than Caterpillar. It has manufacturing operations in Japan, Asia, Americas and Europe.

Japanese 小松 ko matsu means "small pine tree", named after Komatsu city in Ishikawa prefecture.

(برای دانلود کاتالوگ هر یک از ماشین آلات روی لینک های زیر کلیک نمائید)

MN-005-1-BR550JG-1-Mobile Crucher




MN-005-02-Mobile Crusher-BR380JG

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