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اصلاح هندسه سازه موج شکن ایران ال ان جی بر مبنای نتایج مدلسازی فیزیکی ۱۵ بهمن

نام لاتین:Correction of structure geometry design of IRAN-LNG Breakwater based on physical modeling results

کد مطلب:OF-052

In this paper the physical modeling investigations on IRAN-LNG main breakwater sections which resulted to correction of the design of toe berm geometry and weight range are presented. Two types of breakwater section with only difference in toe berm part were tested in order to finding out and choosing more stable toe berm. The geometrical scale factor of 1:35 was selected. Three wave conditions as yearly, 50 years and 100 years return periods with three water levels have been considered. Totally 34 tests were performed in order to carry out the stability of Armour layer Xbloc® units and toe berm stability and also wave run-up heights and Overtopping rates in SCWMRI laboratory. Results have been presented by profiles, photographs and related values.


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